Thunder Sky Winston R&D Center Winston Global Energy Research Center Research Results Download

THUNDER SKY WINSTON Power Battery Research and Development Center is a new type of research and development organization with independent legal personality, independently built by Oriental Smart Lion Power Battery Co., Ltd. relying on the hydrodynamic lithium-ion battery technology invented by Winston Chung, and established in 2018 in Changtai Industrial Zone, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province.Based on the company's deep accumulation in the clean production technology of power lithium-ion batteries, the center actively integrates the advantages of domestic & foreign technical resources to achieve the sharing of advantageous resources. The center has built R & D center or laboratory together with University of California at riverside, Tsinghua University, Xiamen Institute of technology and other universities. Researchers work with each other closely, so as to make full use of the advantages of human resources, advanced analytical testing equipment and market-close, as well as to achieve material development, battery design, battery technology, battery evaluation, user needs and other integrated research strategies. The Center will further integrate the advantages of resources in the coming future, meanwhile strengthen cooperation with domestic & foreign universities and advanced professional teamwork of research institutions. Moreover, we will continue to study deeply in the field of new material development, advanced equipment preparation & battery technology, clean energy applications , to cultivate a competitive research and development team actively, to support industrial service resources. We will eventually build the R&D center into a new research and development institution with project incubation function and continuous industrial service ability, so as to provide intellectual support for the expansion of local new energy industry clusters.

Advanced battery materials research

According to the technical development trend of batteries, based on the judgment of the market application scenario, the center will continue to strengthen the research and development of new battery materials, focusing on water-based lithium-powered battery materials (including but not limited to nano-phosphate positive materials, high-capacity alloy negative materials, graphene composite nano-high-power electrode materials and other new positive and negative materials), high-performance diaphragm materials, high-performance electrolyte materials, new functional polymer materials; New batteries such as lithium sulfur batteries, solid-state battery key materials preparation technology.

Advanced production
technology research

Based on the development trend of battery material system and technology, we constantly research and develop advanced battery production equipment with high degree of automation, good product stability, low failure rate and low maintenance, so as to realize the fullest cooperation of battery technology and equipment.

Research in the application
area of batteries

The research and development center will continue to expand the application area of batteries, especially in the field of energy storage: industrial smart grid energy storage, energy storage applications with high efficiency and long life during peak and valley periods through the use of water-based lithium-ion-powered batteries. Solar and wind energy storage and off-grid applications. Application of low voltage DC communication base station 48V system. Application of mobile energy storage emergency vehicle emergency industry.

Defense-specific areas: Defense-specific areas mainly involve the supply of batteries to military equipment, including conventional submarine batteries, underwater controller batteries, torpedo batteries, land, sea and air 12V start-up batteries, single-man portable batteries related applications and technical guidance.

Mobile energy transportation: Mainly in mobile energy transportation new energy electric vehicles to provide lithium batteries and battery module system technical service support. Power battery safety technology and its industrialization. Including safety factors, key materials research and development and industrialization.