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Winston Global Energy Research Center

Established in 2010 at the Bourns School of Engineering of the University of California, U.S., Winston Global Energy Research Center has conducted research on water-based lithium energy storage materials all year round, and carried out research and practice of rechargeable battery oxygen reaction according to the "life-source principle", which invented by academician Winston.

There are a number of chemical experts, professors, divided into two groups dedicated to water-based lithium batteries for follow-up research. Its purpose is to research & develop the water-based lithium-sulfur energy storage batteries, mobile water-based lithium sulfur power batteries and hydrogen energy pure electric powertrans, as well as to keep ahead of the technology, leading the lithium battery and hydrogen energy technology revolution. In the meantime to probe the development and utilization of biochemistry technology, clean energy, electricity storage and sustainable transportation energy.

Current topics are:

1. To study the performance and life of ordinary graphene sheet carbon material at the optimum temperature of the thickness of a single atom;

2. Study nanostructure electrodes to improve the performance of lithium-ion batteries;

3. Study the lithium iron phosphate nanowire as cathode material to improve the capacity and power density of lithium micro-battery;

4. Study lithium-ion batteries of new electrical storage materials;

5. Study carbon nanotubes, graphite conforming materials and loading rare earth oxides of long-empty carbon sheets as electrode materials;

6. Research and development of bionic rare earth silicon quantum high-energy density lithium-ion battery performance and so on.