Shenzhen Smart Lion Power Battery Limited


Company Overview

Shenzhen Smart Lion Power Battery Limited, which registered in Shenzhen special economic zone, is a high-tech and innovation oriented enterprise approved by the state administration for industry and commerce of People’s Republic of China, its registered paid-in capital is 700 million RMB. The group mainly engages in researching, developing, producing clean energy and human life scientific researching and investing in traditional Chinese medicine. “Life source rare earth lithium power battery” which owns more than 20 international intellectual property rights, is an achievement in high-tech which developed by the founder of the group Mr Winston Chung since 1996, and currently this is the only invention of rare earth lithium ion chargeable battery in power category which be invited by Chinese people in the world .

The following are domestic companies that group investing and holding: Guangdong Winston Fund Management Limited, Lion Technology Investment Limited, Shenzhen Thunder Sky Medical Limited, Shenzhen Thunder Sky Smart Lion Battery Limited, BeiJing Winston Energy Technology Limited.

Shenzhen Thunder Sky Smart Lion Battery Limited which made its first production in August 1998, is group’s first environmental friendly production base in Shenzhen. The rare earth lithium power batteries under the two brands “雷天Thunder Sky”、“温斯顿Winston”, have been sold the worldwide and gain a good reputation from customs. The annual output is above 100,000,000Ah since 2005. In 2015, the group has invested to set up its second production base in Zhangzhou of Fujian Province with the name of “Thunder Sky Smart Lion Battery (Changtai) Limited” , which is also the largest environmental friendly automatic rare earth lithium power battery production base in the world. Its main products are 1000Ah and 10000Ah single cells for storage application with its yearly output as high as 1billion Ah. The two types of battery are mainly supplied to worldwide customs in solar energy, wind power and energy storage application. Our battery under the brand of “雷天Thunder Sky”、“温斯顿Winston” enjoys high safety and the production process is completely environmental friendly, so the battery has been insured by both “AIG(USA)” and “AXA(Europe)”. Moreover, our battery is the only lithium ion rechargable power battery which been identified “NEVER EXPLOSION” in the world. Walmart, one of the world’s TOP enterprise, who would like to invest to build up solar refrigeration around 10,000 islands in Indonesia, has selected the battery model “Thunder Sky Winston 1000Ah single cell” as the most ideal oriented battery .

Thunder Sky Smart Lion Battery Group Limited is a comprehensive high tech enterprise which has its own science and technology innovation and is a environmental friendly manufacture, the group insist: seek truth from facts and adhere to the practice. We focus on our own business , well self-educated and set up good business morality. We focus on our own business , well self-educated and set up good business morality .We hope to make our life rich and wonful .We would like to achieve our own happiness and never do harm to others ever in our life.

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