Company Overview

Winston Battery Limited is a private company, registered in Shenzhen, with approval by State Administration of Industry and Commerce of P.R.C China. The company has high-tech manufacturing enterprise engaged in the production of Rare Earth lithium yttrium and lithium-sulfur batteries and other related products. It has registered capital of 130 million RMB and currently has more than 510 employees. In 2011, the Company was selected as a Large Taxpayer by the Shenzhen Municipal People's government.

There two types of rechargeable batteries: Rare Earth Lithium yttrium battery and Rare Earth lithium sulfur battery, both were invented by Mr. Winston Chung, Chairman of the Board of Winston Global Energy Limited. He has taken decades of hard work to obtain the achievement known as the fifth great invention, which has been granted international patents. After numerous trials, the rechargeable battery is combined with human life principle and human oxygen-reduction mechanism.

As the chairman of board of Winston Global Energy Limited, Mr. Winston Chung always had been interested in the Sciences, such as: electronics, electrics and radio technology. He also has other interest like: music, art and calligraphy. At age of 13, he started demonstrating advanced interests by reading: Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine, Midnight-noon Ebb-flow Acupuncture Method, Treatise on Febrile Diseases, Compendium of Material and other Chinese classics. He is world pioneer in improving the lead-acid battery to maintenance-free one. In 1996, he founded the Thunder Sky Energy Group Co., Ltd., specializing in developing lithium battery for electric vehicles. He overcame the difficulties of being inflammable and explosive of the traditional power lithium ion rechargeable batteries. He used aqueous binder, instead of PVDF binder, and cascading process instead of coil winding and polymer structure in manufacturing lithium ion battery. He has 22 patents in 26 countries around the world for lithium ion power battery, the life source rare earth yttrium lithium and lithium sulfur batteries.

148 years ago was when the first commercially used battery used, which was a lead-acid battery invented by an Iraqi scientist. The lead-acid battery has been improved many times. However, the energy density in this kind of battery is just 40kwh/kg. The lead-acid battery materials have various disadvantages such as: they are very toxic to the environment, damage the health of production workers (lead poisoning). These hazards exist throughout their production and disposal, thus in recent 20 years, some developed countries, and the production of lead-acid battery has been banned. On the other hand, the rare earth yttrium lithium battery, invented by Mr. Winston Chung, has the energy density up to 150wh/kg, while his rare earth lithium sulfurs battery are up to 1300wh/kg. These new batteries are considered environmentally friendly products by the international community, since the entire process from raw material production to battery production, use, and recycling do not damage the environment.

Early on, Mr. Winston Chung built the laboratory in Zhuhai and had his lithium ion power battery trial production tests. In 1998, he moved from Zhuhai to Shenzhen and established THUNDER SKY as a global brand and Thunder Sky Green Power Source (Shenzhen) Limited as a foreign-owned enterprise. In 1999, he produced the first piece of monomer-type 200Ah capacity lithium ion power battery. In 2001, he produced batteries with single capacity of 400Ah. In 2002, produced batteries with monomer capacity of 700Ah. In 2003, Thunder Sky brand lithium ion power batteries with monomer capacity of 1000Ah were launched into the market. Each single battery is approved at the international leading level. Thunder Sky brand, lithium battery has since instant acceptance and become famous all over the world.

In 2006, Liaoyuan City of Jilin Province selected Thunder Sky lithium ion power battery as a cooperation project, and established Liaoyuan Thunder Sky Lithium Ion Battery Co., Ltd., which is now named as Liaoyuan Sinopoly Battery.

In 2007, an entrepreneur in Yuyao of Ningbo selected Thunder Sky lithium ion battery technology as an investment project. To this end, he established Ningbo Thunder Sky Green Energy Sources Co. Ltd., which is now named as Zhejiang GBS Energy Co., Ltd.

In 2008, China Air Force Missile Research Institution selected Thunder Sky Lithium ion battery as a technical cooperation project, and established Sky Energy Sources (Luoyang) Co., Ltd., which is now developed into National Aviation Lithium Battery Company.

In 2009, Russian National Nanometer Company invested a large sum of capital as a licensee for Thunder Sky lithium ion battery technology, and established Thunder Sky Lithium Ion Battery Production Base in Novosibirsk.

In 2010, JIA SHENG HOLDINGS (00729HK) bought the exclusive use right (the use time was from May 25th, 2010 to May 25th, 2012) of Thunder Sky trademark and 15 patents of lithium ion battery technology at a price of 2.75 billion HK dollars. In this deal, JIA SHENG HOLDINGS (00729HK) paid fees for the trademark and battery technology patents and so forth (0.5RMB for every 1AH in production or sales)

Winston Battery has worldwide leading technologies for rare earth lithium yttrium and rare earth lithium sulphur rechargeable batteries. In March 2011, it was listed as a significant project by Shenzhen People’s Government and given important support in establishing a larger production base. Mr. Winston Chung inventing the human life rare earth lithium batteries was awarded UN South-South Award and UN Entrepreneur Award, Highest Award of UN Charity in 2011.

Winston Battery Ltd. has developed into an international high-tech company specialized in the production of rare earth lithium yttrium and lithium sulphur batteries It has adopted an array of exclusive technologies concerning power lithium ion batteries, which are accumulated by several subsidiaries under Thunder Sky Energy Source Group. The company owns a number of rare earth lithium yttrium batteries from WB-LYP40AHA to WB-LYP10000AHA, and WB-LP12V (high voltage type). Batteries from WB-LSP500AHA to WB-LSP50000AHA are under trial production, which will replace fuels vehicles with battery powered vehicles.

After 13 years of innovation, Thunder Sky Energy Source Group and Winston Global Energy Ltd funded by Mr. Winston Chung now have become a multinational group. The two companies are specialized in researching and producing green energy products, and integrate the technology, trading and investment as a whole. Rooted in China, the two companies step forward to the world, and with continuous innovation, they are together with all the mankind to create a brighter future.

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