Success Factors


Written by /Winston Chung

To measure a person's success, we must see if he sacrifices his confused thoughts, if he concentrate on developing their own plans, committed to the pursuit of knowledge, determination, confidence, and the pursuit of truth and beauty in life and nature.

The world at different times has the "great mentor" declaring in various ways and declared: Those who prefer the greed, deception, evil will after all become degenerate.



An innovation or scientific research result from an ordinary citizen is the intelligence achievement. Intelligent success is not from the deliberate attempt to capture how their papers receive awards, not to rely on the practice of grandstanding. But it is from the commitment to the pursuit of knowledge, and the pursuit of truth and beauty in life and nature. Such achievements may sometimes be associated with vanity and ambition, but they are such psychological results, instead, they are a natural product from long-term efforts, unselfish and pure thoughts.

A great dream is a spiritual achievement and a realization of Buddhist inspiration. The peoples who are pure, honest and trustworthy and often live in high and noble thoughts will become wise and noble in personality, and into the state with the influential and well-being.

Whether the achievements are intelligent or mental, they are a reward to efforts and a crow of thoughts. Only fostering the moral thinking with previous characters including creativeness, bold explorations, tolerance of failure, encouragement for competition, advocating cooperation, loving science, non-sensitiveness to fame and fortune, and selfless dedication, a person can rise, conquer and succeed. If he refused to raise his mind, then he will ever stay in the weak, poor and sad situation. The strong never is able to help the weak, except that the weak is willing to accept a help.

All the achievements, whether in commercial, career, or spiritual areas, are the result of correct thinking, follow the same rules, and adopt the same method. If you want to get a small achievement, then there will be a small sacrifice; if you want to get a great achievement, then there must be a major sacrifice.


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