Irritability Is from Wrong Ideas

Written by /Winston Chung


Humanity is full of uncontrolled passion and echoes to sadness that is not suppressed. Yes, too many grumpy people, all of them show a sincere heart. As integrity, perseverance and anxiety often are with his ideals and life. Often anxiety and doubt are in his soul. In the case, he sometimes loses his temper like thunder. Only the wise whose mind is controlled and purified can overcome storms of the mind.


When people experience frustrations and blow, this is a result entirely from his mind in disharmony. With ideological purification, physical and mental harmony, he faces environment that is pleasant and happy. In people's lives, irritability, job frustration, heart pain are always the result of wrong thinking. Being happy and joyful comes from right thinking. A man with a complex environment, in case of seeing clearly the causal relationship, will not be with fuss, doubts, and irritability.

The right thought can control your mind. So a person will never be tempered by poverty, anxiety, and will not go to peace due to prosperity. Happiness comes from the correct thought rather than material possessions. Unfortunate, sadness, anxiety, and irritability come from the erroneous idea rather than lack of substance. One can not be cast aside while still being extremely rich; but a person may be subject to praise and penniless. To be happy and wealthy at the same time, what he can only do is to properly and wisely use the wealth.

For grumpy persons, no matter where they are, all things that are sweet and beautiful, and happy will be subject great destruction. The calm down can often ensure calmness and prosperousness.

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