Thought and Environment

Written by /Winston Chung


Environment will not create a person, but reveal the true face of a man! Man is the biological thing who advances. He clearly knows secrets of growth;A man in his lifetime may be in school, in business or in politic activities, and in his hometown or in a foreign country or in seclusion; as long as he considers himself to be the product of external conditions, he would learn nil, feel tired in business work, often frustrated in political work, and he would be beat by the environment. In case of understanding their own creative force, he can control and command of the seed and the soil in the environment, and also, he has become the master of its own fate.

People are eager to improve the environment, but unwilling to improve themselves, so they have no breakthrough in their lives. Each person's situation is caused by his nature and his personality and mind. When a situation he likes or familiarize with disappear and is replaced by the other one, then he feels that the new situation is not suitable to the playing of his ability. In the case, he often changes his jobs so that he hopes to get a success. This cannot be a truth when compared with those peoples feeling satisfactory for the environment.

Environment is affected by people’s thinking. If people have not cultivated their own thinking, they will not fall or rise. A person will not be due to a bad environment to come into the drug abuse, gambling, s, stealing, and abduction so forth. But because of the decadent thoughts and evil desires, man may come into the prison. Man with his pure mind will not do a crime due to any external forces in business or official sites. In contrast, the criminal mind is early rooted in the heart, and when a chance occurs, the criminal mind will play its power.

So people are the masters for their mind, and their own creators. Particularly strong ideas, whether good or bad, will affect personality and environment. No one cannot directly choose his circumstances, but can choose his thoughts, so shaping his environment in an indirect way.

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