Thought and Health

Written by /Winston Chung


Thought is the body's master; it directs physical action. Whether the body is sick or healthy, if in case of continuing to be affected by impure thought, he will continue to have mixed the toxic blood. Diet is certainly important to the body, so people constantly change their appetite in order to get good health. But they do not know the change in diet can not help them change the mind. When a person's thoughts become pure, then he no longer desire impure food.

Thought is the source for action, life and words. As long as the source is clean, everything will be clean.


If a person is affected by illegal thoughts, the body will quickly atrophy, generate illness and decay. If he is affected by melody and beautiful thoughts for a long time, then his body will be put on the appearance of youth and beauty. I am afraid that people who has a fear to illness will often is ridden in it. A man who often is an indecisive person, he will be at the door into the disease. Impure thoughts, even if not causing a physical injury, will quickly let the entire nervous system collapsed. This likes an EV with poor quality batteries. In this case, after a start soon, the batteries will not provide power and even let the power system of the car stop working.

A pure mind will lead to a pure life and a pure body. An impure mind will lead to a decayed body and a filth life. If you want to make your body perfect, we must first protect your idea. If you want to be young forever, then we must first beautify your mind. Those thoughts which are vicious, jealous, disappointed, and depressed will take away your health and elegance. Unhappy face is caused by unpleasant thoughts. And face wrinkles are caused by ignorance, anger and prejudice, and pride.

Like the environment, the issue of whether the body is healthy or not is rooted in the mind. Wrong thoughts would make the body to produce a yin and yang imbalance, weak essence and so forth. Fear mind will be like mobs such as Bin Laden to quickly crash America skyscrapers.

The body likes the Winston brand lithium-ion battery revealing subtle and rich creativeness. The electrode’s active materials generate power in the battery. However, to be healthy, vital, and has a graceful posture, there must be strong, pure and happy thoughts. A person's body, whether good or bad is directly affect by the thinking. And also, the habit of thinking has a great impact on health.

Pure mind leads to pure habits. A man with strong and pure mind does not need to worry about the invasion by the evil bacteria.

To obtain robust body, be satisfactory due to be cheerful and happy and good faith, we must let the good will and sincere heart and happy thoughts freely come to your brain. Kind thoughts are the basis to soothe and eliminate sad. A man living in the sad, sorrowful, suspicious, and jealous situation always really puts himself in prison he makes by himself. The best way to eradicate physical illness relies not only on drug prescriptions but also on pleasant thoughts.

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