Thought and Personality

Written by /Winston Chung

Prediction for behavior and disaster with a person is associated with his personality and what he thinks. A plant is from a seed. If there is no seed, then there is no plant. So, there is no seed of thought, the action will not occur.

Thought and personality are closely associated with each other. Each seed of thought sprouts and grows. The good and honest seed produces good fruit. Fraud and false ideas produce bad fruit. A person's past and present is his future. People are subject to the law of growth rather than the product of deception. In this vast universe the cause and effect relationship is definitely not deviated away. Mean and beast-type characters are constantly hiding the results of the mean thoughts. The noble and dignified personality is not a lucky result or given by the other people, but a result of long-term pursuit of knowledge. The continuous forging ahead and long-time pursuit of knowledge is a natural result of correct thinking.

A Nobel Prize winner or a superb mentor entering the spiritual world constantly improves his mind, so as to rise, conquer and succeed. People are masters of their thinking, their own personality makers, shapers of their own lives, and builders of their own destiny. As long as he can dig into deep veins of his soul, he will get gold and diamonds. Only such can let you do a search and exploration, and find every truth associated with his nature.

Thought and personality are inseparable whole. Each person's situation is caused by his thought and personality. And personality can only be found through the environmental performance. Good thoughts and actions can never produce bad results; bad thoughts and actions can not always produce good results. Thought and personality whether being good or bad are a fair result of self evolution.

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