Conquer the Doubts and Fears

Written by /Winston Chung

In the truth of all the good pleasure, the ideal bringing about the most gratifying and full of hope and confidence is that people are masters of mind, shapers of personality, and shapers of the condition, environment and destiny.

 After setting his goal for his ideal, the man should plan a good way to achieve this. This goal can be a spiritual ideal or can also be secular one. But no matter what kind, he should put his mind firmly focused on the goal set by him and make this goal as a supreme task. At the same time, he should cast all the efforts to achieve this goal, and not allow his thoughts drift in that illusion, doubt and fear.

Doubts and fears are the factors of collapsing that will undermine all your efforts and make you nothing. Thinking of doubts and fears will never have any success, and they usually bring a failure. When a person is shrouded with the thinking of doubts and fears, all of his goal, vitality, strength, confidence, and all strong thoughts will be swept away.

People are the nature of strength, intelligence and love of nature, and are masters of thought. So the key to open the heart is always held in their own hands. Regardless of how his work seems small, if he conquers the doubts and fears and is not afraid to reach great goals (instead, he fixes his mind on how to make perfect the implementation of his task and develops a determination and strength), then anything can be successful.

If a man lives in doubt and fear for a long time, and this is a case where he the most cowardly and most indulgent. This is as if a stupid witch doctor cures AIDS by himself with some spell.

A smart owner always used to enhance his faith via his diligent search. He unifies ideas and objectives without fear, confront all the difficulties and overcome them wisely.

Doubt and fear is the greatest enemy of success. People who encourage but do not stop it will let them around frustrations. I know a scholar who has a great ideal. But he has not yet reached middle age while his face is covered with ugly wrinkles; I know a old woman who is disabled due to rescuing others and being badly burned has a pure and bright face like that of a girl, although she is over seventy years of age. The former one is a result of suspecting, selfishness and fear, and resentment; while the latter is a result of being kind, confident and sweet, cheerful in mood.

Sincere, kind-hearted people who can conquer the doubts and fears have their thoughts full of vitality. They bury their goals in a rational manner, and let them bloom and forge mature fruit.

A man who has conquered doubt and fear is to conquer the failure.


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