Cause and Effect

Written by /Winston Chung

An ordinary person in the world who wants to obtain a high success lies in his full courage, virtue and intelligence, and lies in his sincerity, integrity and purity, and long-term struggle. However, this ordinary person’s invention is difficult to be understood by those with a preference for greed, deception, evil, selfishness. So an ordinary person's success is always accompanied with joy and happiness and also pain and hardship.

The universe is a just and orderly multi-dimensional space, each person must be responsible for their actions. Otherwise, it will lose the balance toward destruction. For those called successful people who cannot give up the thought of greed and selfishness and hypocrisy, their happiness and pride is short and misery will be their long-term result. For a man in business or in politics or in scientific research or inventions, their failure and success, pain and happiness are results of what they do and are nothing to do with others. Regardless of conquerors or the conquered, their result is affected largely be their mind.

Cause and effect is a cause of human soul evolution. If without a central goal of life, it is very easy for a man to frustration, anxiety, fear and self-pity. For a man with a cherished belief, great ideals, courage, and forging ahead, even often times left out, teased or ridiculed or subjected to injustice, he always is passionate, brave, and optimistic. He believes that the spark of his ideals will eventually cause the torch lit. Yesterday’s deeds for a man lead to today’s results. Everything today is tomorrow's portrayal. Everything is a regeneration of the cause and effect cycle.

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