Fate and Happiness

Written by /Winston Chung

I recently saw some people interviewed on TV expressing their opinions concerning the life happiness. I think that happiness cannot simply depend on the shift of the working and living environments. If a person does not know how his fate is, then this is the most sorrowful thing. I think it is the unhappiest! Buddha said: our life is predestinated, probably, and we cannot escape the fate. The ancients also said that what is not meant to be yours will not be yours one day even you have it now. If a person can predict their own destiny and control their own destiny, then he will not be frustrated and go into the temple for prays or to act as volunteers. Instead, this person in their life journey will be happy in mind and behavior no matter what.

In our planet, people with different fates fight for their destiny, and have all their desire to have wealth and a pursuit of their desired life. I know a man whose fate is predicted from his date of birth, that is, he will have more illness and sorrow. But he wants to change it. When he was 13 years old, he was diagnosed with leukemia. His parents always found good doctors and drugs for him. When he was 25 years old, he came to Tibet Buddhist temple, and came before Earth Store Bodhisattva in Jiuhua Mountain of Anhui Province. He prayed and acted as a volunteer, but he still was unhappy. The reason is that his agony is predestined, and is due to his previous life. Later his parents also realize the truth, and he begins to stay home to be filial to his grandparents, and changes the habit to torture them. Slowly, leukemia has improved, and he followed his fate to live happily.

Some people are in official circles, business venturing and marriage contracting may do not know their fate. Instead, they indiscriminately pursue their ideas and causes, go with their desires. As a result, their ignorant behavior makes them to be unhappy and sorrowful, and come to the temples burning incense and praying or acting as volunteers. This sad situation is due to their ignorance to the fate. They cannot master their fate, so a long-time unhappiness is always in them.

I want to talk with the people do not believe in numerology. For those wanting to be thieves, for selfish businessmen and entrepreneurs encountering cash flow difficulties or corporate collapses, and for those couples having bad marital relationships, when you rush to the temples to burn incense and pray or act as volunteers there, then are you really happy? Amitabha, Praise, Praise! In fact, those having a false devotion to Buddha disobey their fate causing unhappiness and trouble.

In our modern society, some people do not believe their fate. They often go to the temples to burn incense and prostate. When being in trouble, pain, and disaster, they act as volunteers and wear beads in the neck, and wrist, and even do not care their elderly parents. They also wear robes and chant bibles and so forth. But these are greedy actions with a hope to shun the reality. Their shame feeling vanishes. We should study and work hard and understand our fate and proper objectives. If the fate is disobeyed, then hard working, reading, praying and the like will not always let you feel happy. The happiness is belonged to those understanding their fate, while those being ignorant to their fate are always not happy.

Written by Administrator.