Dream Comes True

Written by /Winston Chung

This physical world is behind invisible things, so the greatest achievements are a result of the initial seed germination from a dream.

Your fantasy is a ticket for your future travel; and your dream is a beautiful prophecy which contributes to your future achievements.


Where there is a pursuit, there is a surprise; where there is a hope, there is a progress. If a man in mind always sticks to a beautiful scene and a sublime ideal, his dream will eventually come true one day.

America the new land was discovered by Explorer Christopher Columbus who always pursued a good thing. The mystery of the vast universe was revealed by Copernicus as a dreamer. Buddha saw in fancy a spiritual world that is pure, clean, and peaceful and finally, he was integrated into this world. Winston, whose high ideal is to create a clean and beautiful environment, eventually has invented the RE lithium-ion battery.

A dreamer is the savior of the world. It is the beautiful scene described by these dreamers that encourages people experiencing difficulties and suffering and being tempered. Human beings cannot lose the dream, cannot let their ideals fade and even gone. Instead, after careful care, these ideal seeds will germinate leading to flowers and fruits.

Musician, painter, prophet, sage and so on are the maker of the beautiful world, and also the architect of heaven. The world because of their presence has become beautiful; and ideals always are with them. Without them, all of the human beings may eventually be destroyed.

Be with the pursuit of your ideal, the pursuit of the beauty of your imagination, the pursuit of the music striking your heart, and the pursuit of your lovely coat draped over you pure ideology, because the beauty of life and happy and joyful heaven that could inspire our life come form our dream that comes true.

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