Winston Chung Attracted Media Attention

In January of this year, Winston Chung from Shenzhen donated 10m USD to UCR so as to support the fuel cell research. At that time, Riverside County politicians, executives and media paid great attention, and the Los Angeles Times made an extensive coverage.


Chinese media had a lot of financial reports about Winston Chung, Haitian Energy and so forth. In the Untied States, Winston Chuang contributed to the academic institution, acquired local companies and created jobs. Earlier this year, he visited Los Angeles and was sought after by the mainstream society. He has three companies and spends great efforts to promote his green energy concept.

As an inventor of rare earth lithium batteries, Winston Chung invested in Balqon, Krystal Enterprises, and MVP RV and so on in Southern California. In 2011, he donated 10 million USD to UC, Riverside, which is the largest contribution for the university.

Sean Nealon Spokesman in UC Riverside said earlier this year, the agreement was signed with Winston Chung, and afterward, the two sides still continue a close contact. On 29 April this year, the donation of 10m USD fully came to the donatee. To express gratitude, the university invited Winston Chung to attend the graduation ceremony.

From World News Network

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