CGNPG Leaders Visited our Company

April 20, 2011, the team of five leaders from China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (CGNPG) came to our company. The visiting team includes General Manager Assistant Dai Zhonghua, Director Wang Chengming and Vice Director Zhu Gang at the contract supply department, Director Wang Yongnian at the technical management division in the project renovation department, and Chief Engineer Huang Weigang at the technical support department. The main purpose is to exchange the ideas on the design of the storage power station.

CEO Yang Yang, President Zhong Zhifan, General Manager Zhang Jun and Assistant President Zhang Peng introduced the energy storage station with its features.

CEO Yang Yang ,President Zhong Zhifan and General Manager Zhang Jun accompanied CGNPG top leaders to take a look at the power storage station.

CEO Yang Yang talked with CGNPG leaders.

General Manager Assistant Dai Zhonghua from CGNPG made a test drive by riding the pure electric Red Flag Car.

Written by Administrator.