The Officer of UNDESA Made a Visit to Our Company

April 19, 2011, Officer Ralph of United Nations Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) was accompanied by the representative of China in the Global Habitat Environment Forum Council to visit our company.

His team of 7 members watched the TV documentary about our company, and then listened to General Manger Zhang Jun and Assistant to Chairman Zhang Peng talking about relevant affairs. Knowing that our company produces RE lithium yttrium and lithium-sulfur batteries, fast charging high-capacity storage products and so forth, Ralph said this is a great invention. Their visit aimed to set up the cooperation between UNDESA and Winston Company.

Winston Chung talked with Ralph Officer of UNDESA

Winston Chung took a photo with Ralph Officer of UNDESA.

Ralph made a test drive by riding the electric motorcycle assembled with Smart Lion Battery.

The power storage station was introduced by Zhang Peng Assistant to President to Ralph Officer of UNDESA and his people.

Written by Administrator.