Together with Krystal Enterprises to Build Brilliant Future

Winston Fully Enters American market Ⅱ

Completing legal acquisition procedures is one of his business trip tasks. On January 23, Winston Chung and Edward signed the contract of Winston purchasing Krystal Enterprise in Krystal Enterprise factory. The core content of the contract is to adopt the advanced complete car manufacturing technology of the U.S, and combine with China’s leading rare-earth lithium battery to cooperate to develop rare-earth lithium battery pure electric luxurious cars.


The Krystal Enterprise is located in Brea, California, is a professional international enterprise producing luxurious cars, also the world’s largest manufacturing enterprise for stretch luxurious car, luxurious RV, luxurious bus, luxurious minibus and various special luxurious cars. It always insists on adoption of super workmanship to endure the high quality of products and also can produce customized individualized luxurious car based on customer’s requirement. This factory is famous for providing various luxurious cars with its superb craftsmanship, perfect professional design. Currently, there are 800 employees, and annual output of various cars is over 1500, total value is up to 1.7 billion.

In the global financial turmoil, such a well-known enterprise came into trouble in production and operation. Before the EVS25 was held in Shenzhen, Winston Chung requested Krystal Enterprise to successfully produce a Lincoln stretch pure electric luxurious car with the rare-earth lithium battery provided by Winston, and named as Krystal-Winston No.1. Krystal CEO Edward led his team to take a special visit to Shenzhen attend EVS25 meeting Lincoln stretch pure electric luxurious car was spectacular at the exhibition and cut a conspicuous figure at Shenzhen new energy cars parade, greatly recognized by electric car fans. One of the most important activities of Winston Chung’s U.S trip is to complete the business procedure of purchasing Krystal Enterprise.

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