Balqon Corporation Became a New Member of Winston

Winston Fully Enters American market Ⅲ

At the morning of January, Winston Chung announced to the media that he signed the purchase order of 300 sets of electric automobile driving systems produced by Balqon Corporation. This order makes the company’s production capacity of zero emission heavy electric automobile driving system suddenly expanded 7.5 times.


Balqon Corporation, headquartered in Harbor City, California, U.S, is a specialist in producing electric automobile driving system. At 2008, this company began to produce zero emission 30 tons electric trailer driving system for Los Angeles Port and Long Beach Port. In 2010, Balqon Corporation produced the world’s first electric Class-A RV for MVP RV Inc., a subsidiary company of Winston Global Energy Holdings Limited.

Impacted by the financial crisis of recent years, this company was at the verge of collapse and rather difficult to maintain its operation. Winston Chung appreciated its strength at producing electric automobile driving system and resolved to make this enterprise as a subsidiary company of Winston Group. It is specialized in production of heavy pure electric automobile driving system. In 2010, Chairman of the board of Winston Global Energy Holdings Limited invested 5m USD in cash for the first phase and became the largest shareholder of Balqon Corporation.

Winston Chung announced after completing purchasing the company that Winston will purchase 300 sets of electric automobile driving systems produced in this company in 18 months. After being exported to China, they will be used to produce various types pure electric buses with 15 to 40 seats after being equipped with Winston produced rare-earth lithium battery. B. Samra CEO of Balqon Corporation excitedly said that the huge order rescued his company, and completely changed its development scale. In the next few years, with the development of new energy automobile industry, Balqon Corporation’s production capacity for electric automobile driving system will reach 500 thousand sets per year.

Winston Chung is the inventor of rare earth batteries. He believes that when his new energy product is mixed with Balqon Corporation's electric vehicle drive system, the best electric car will be created. For Los Angeles, the mass production of these green energy cars will create more jobs. Winston Chung also plans to build a production plant of rare earth lithium batteries in California.

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