Involved in Leisure and Entertainment to Promote Environmental Protection

Winston Fully Enters American market Ⅴ

Winston’s business tentacles have extended into the new area. This is a big step for Chairman Winston Chung to expand his new energy product scope and spend efforts toward environmental protection worldwide.


Rare earth lithium batteries used in pure EV can directly reduce and then eradicate fuel vehicles and their exhaust emissions. Moreover, energy storage type charge stations developed by Winston provide important support in energy saving around the world. Winston Chung is optimistic for the prospects of the energy storage type charge stations, so he resolutely decides to invest in the entertainment industry of America. The long-term investment objective is to apply the storage charge stations in the industry, which can reduce emissions, save energy, and let the Earth greener.

Practice has proved that the storage charge station developed by Winston can play a significant role in energy saving. Currently, Winston is in cooperation with relevant units in Shenzhen to build a storage charging station in OCT, and also is with China Southern Power Grid to build a storage charging station. With the completion of storage charging stations, the valley-electric resources at night will be effectively utilized largely reducing wastes in coal thermal power generation. At the same time, storage charging stations can support the effective use of new energies such as solar and wind, and enable human beings to be ultimately towards the road to sustainable development.

Winston Global Energy Group has a lot of subsidiary enterprises, life source rare-earth lithium core product manufacturing, rare-earth lithium battery raw material production, lithium battery production equipment manufacturing, pure electric vehicle driving system manufacturing, pure electric vehicle complete vehicle manufacturing, moving storage power station establishment, intelligent storage charging station and new energy technology R&D center, and so on, forming huge industrial system. So the largest new energy industrial group created by Winston Chung was born!

The short four-day trip showed Chairman Winston Chung’s lofty aspirations and his company’s large step toward the world.

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