2011 South-South Award for Corporate Social Responsibility

Inventor, entrepreneur and Winston Global Energy founder Winston Chung firmly believes that combating pollution and climate change is essential, and his pioneering work in renewable and clean energy will combat global warming and provide sustainable transportation solutions for generations of global citizens.

He doesn’t just talk about these subjects, he acts on them, which is why he was honored with the 2011 South-South Award for Corporate Social Responsibility, the only honoree from Asia to win this year’s prestigious award.

Mr. Chung is eminently qualified for such an accolade. His tireless work in the development and manufacturing of the lithium –ion and rare earth batteries illustrate how an entrepreneur can “do good by doing well ”. Born Hing Ka Chung in Guangdong, China in 1958, he began his career as a scientific researcher and has dedicated the last fifteen years to implementing his research industrially. From his base in Shenzhen he has expanded his operations globally and is interested in the potential of the American market , where government and industry alike are now committed to reducing the country’s carbon footprint.

“My battery is unique in its ability to provide large quantities of stable power, over long periods of time , without deterioration of the quality or quantity of the power over the life of the battery, ” explains Chung. “No other battery in existence performs as well, nor can any other battery meet the need for power storage in the 21st century. it is the only workable solution for power storage needed in mobile off-grid applications. It is a technology that has a growing global impact.”

Not only has he pioneered power sources for low carbon electric vehicles, he has pioneered employment creating schemes for low employment areas, saving factories about to be closed , turning them around and expanding them . While some American companies export jobs to China, Mr.Chung has gone against the current – by building export markets in the People’s Republic for companies he has acquired and rescued in the USA.

His investment in several California-based companies has brought a message of hope to American workers that technology can bring productivity, a cleaner environment, and growing prosperity.

In a recent interview Mr. Chung envisaged over a hundred thousand jobs being created in the development and manufacturing of batteries that can power vehicles of all kinds , even boats. His expansive vision, beyond mere profit-taking shows the way for both Chinese and American businesses.

Written by Administrator.