Winston Chung’s Business Visits in America

Winston Chung Chairman of Winston Global Energy with Chinese President Hu Jintao visited the United States. During the period, with his vision and smart decision, Winston Chung raised the curtain for China’s lithium power battery to fully enter the American market, which shocked the world.


January 18-24, 2011, Winston Energy’s Chairman of the Board Winston Chung was along with President Hu Jintao to the United States for business visits. The picture shows Chairman Winston (third from the left) and his party took his plane from California to Chicago to participate in a banquet held by President Hu Jintao for Chinese entrepreneurs.

Chairman Winston Chung discusses some business issues with CEO Brad Williams of MVP RV Inc. in his own plane.

Chairman Winston Chung (middle) met the president and vice president of American RV Industry Association and their delegation at hotel.

Chairman Winston Chung (right second) and Chancellor Timothy P. White (second from left) from University of California, Riverside signed a MOU for agreement.

In UC, Chairman Winston Chung (middle) presided over the meeting to discuss mutual cooperation for open topics.

University of California Chancellor Timothy P. White (right second) showed Chairman Winston Chung (left second ) around the campus of UCR.

At the campus of UCR, Chairman Winston Chung (middle) had a close conversation with the students as his fans.

(College of Engineering-Center for Environmental Research and Technology) Chairman Winston Chung (left second ) was at College of Engineering-Center for Environmental Research and Technology, University of California.

Chairman Winston Chung (left second) had a pleasant talk with the professor (right first) at the University of California.

Chairman Winston Chung (left third) visited MVP RV Inc. Luxury Recreational vehicle manufacturing plant.

RV is produced by MVP RV Inc. manufacturing plant.

This plant kangaroo is MVP RV Inc.’s cartoon image. The cartoon kangaroo which was previously lovely and active now becomes inactive and fatigue due to the economic crisis. After being acquired, the RV plant revitalizes again. The world's largest RV manufacturer is driving all the way around the world.

Winston Chung (left second) inspected Krystal Enterprises Limousine manufacturer which was acquired in California by Winston.

Lengthened limousine is made by Krystal Enterprises

Krystal Enterprises CEO Edward (right first) hosted a dinner for Winston Chung (left second) and his delegation.

Winston Chung (left second) visited the key national lab in the United States.

Chairman Winston Chung (middle) listened to the scientific research presentation from the key national lab in America.

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