Winston Chung and MVP RV Incorporation

Winston Fully Enters American market Ⅰ

January 18-24, 2011, Winston Chung was along with President Hu Jintao to the United States for business visit. During the trip, Winston Chung raised the curtain for China’s lithium power battery to fully enter the American market shocking the world.


January 22nd ,after attending the Sino-US Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum and Project Signing Ceremony, Winston Chung came to MVP RV Inc luxurious RV factory, located in Riverside, California. And the factory workers lined up to welcome him, and some workers who worked for many years tightly hold the hands with Winston Chung.

MVP RV Inc. is originally the world’s largest famous luxurious RV manufacturer of California. two years ago The financial crisis swept worldwide and American enterprises bore the brunt of it, the sales growth of RV speed down. CEO Brad Williams said.“they suffered from no funds to maintain the daily operation, and had to unemploy 80% of the employees. At the time the company nearly collapsed. But he was introduced to Winston. He fit it easily with Winston Chung. Then, Winston Chung became the substantial shareholder of MVP RV Inc. with USD 3.1 billion share”. William said emotionally: “this is even extraordinary than fairy tale. Winston saved the enterprise from the brink of bankruptcy, not only saved the enterprise, but also recalled the employees fired two years ago. Thus, there was a moving scene that the workers welcomed the Chinese entrepreneur with touching tears.”

Chairman Winston re-positioning MVP RV for the refreshed development. The advanced vehicle manufacturing technology from MVP RV is combined with the world's most advanced lithium battery from Winston to create the world's most advanced electric luxury car. It is mainly sold in the U.S. market, while Asia is its future potential. The newly formed MVP RV Inc announced that from 2011 to 2013 it would newly employ 3100 workers. The RV production volume will be added to 3,000 units in this year and 30,000 units in the future.

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