RE Lithium Batteries Will Replace Oil and Automotive Comes to New Era

Winston talk in his interview with media after receiving South-South Awards!Winston Chung: now I'm honored to receive the United Nations South-South Awards! First of all, I thank the organizers; second, thank our team members. They have been for over 30 years to follow me in the development and promotion of clean energy application. Now, 117 countries around the world are using our earth lithium battery. Their enormous efforts have been paid off.

In the future, I and the company team will redouble our efforts to as soon as promote the RE lithium batteries in South American countries, in particular, some countries where the living conditions are still poor. This morning, I have discussed this matter with Barbuda President.

In the future, we want to promote the lithium battery technology to the world, so that all people around the world can enjoy clean energy. With the great efforts, we will let the clean energy to achieve the United Nations' Millennium Global Action goals and to protect our planet.

I am a man who studies the RE lithium batteries

Media Reporter: Could you tell us about the specific circumstances of clean energy?

Winston Chung: I was a doctor early time. I used the scientific theory of human life to study the rechargeable battery. Lithium battery is a subject I study. The study is successful now and achieves mass production and application. There are more than 70 million people around the world, only one person in the study of rare-earth lithium battery. I am a Chinese, am very proud. There are four great Chinese inventions, but there is no invention in the battery. I fill that gap.

RE lithium battery’s features are as follows: Rechargeable battery has high energy density and is safe. The acceptable high current can be used for charging and discharging. Today the development of electric cars requires the battery to have short charging time, long driving distance and so forth. So, the battery shall be safe and have high energy density, and can be charged by the acceptable large current.

Our team has been for 20 years to study rare earth lithium battery which is divided into two categories: First, rare earth lithium-sulfur battery whose energy density is 1000 WH / kg, which means that a car after a charger for 5 minutes can drive 1000 km. Second is rare-earth yttrium lithium storage battery whose single cell can achieve 700 Ah to 10,000 Ah. Two kinds of rare-earth batteries are at the leading level in the world.

Now we produce batteries in two places. One is in Shenzhen, China, and one in California, USA. In the U.S., we build a large battery factory. We also provide pure electric vehicles, including electric taxi, electric buses, electric luxury cars, and electric boats. The direction of our company in the United States is to use our technology with our patents to build a plant here and make the production and sell products here. In China, we, too, we have a battery factory in China for 13 years with products in short supply. Now 117 countries buy our lithium rare-earth batteries.

My own character and America

Media Reporter: Hello! I was Liu Jia from an American network television. I know your company in the United States acquired the luxury car company and other companies. Companies in China and the U.S. are very different in culture and management. Do you encounter a similar "acclimatized" problem, and how to overcome it?

Winston Chung: really good! I was involved in the U.S. mergers and acquisitions last year. Some of them then time entered bankruptcy proceedings. Why buy them? Because I feel my own character let me easily go with the Americans. I made a decision from negotiating to buying no more than 20 minutes. Although these companies need a large amount of money, some need more than one hundred million U.S. dollars, and some need five or six million dollars, but we in the negotiating process usually take twenty minutes to decide whether to buy or not buy, and five minutes to decide whether the original management team is replaced. In this, we are brave.

Krystal Enterprises we acquire is a luxury sedan maker. It has set up factories in Mexico and California, the United States. It produces electric taxis with the left and right steers. Our products there have been completed from the design to the prototype, and now they are launched in market.

George Corporation we acquire also is the world's largest automotive design company (including BMW Mercedes-Benz, Rolls-Royce and so forth which are its designs). The acquisition decision does not exceed ten minutes, since I believe these people as an American-style management team. The new company will adopt our battery tech, EV powertrain tech and so forth to design and produce pure electric cars and pure electric deluxe RV for famous listed companies in the Wall Street. Due to this good news, the stocks of these companies rise in prices from one to two USD to tens of USD. For a lot of companies, we provide the prototypes. For example, we provide 20 pure EV prototypes for a famous sports car company. As results, its stock price rose by 40% on the current day. Of course, we are also benefited from this.

MVP RV Inc. we buy is a deluxe RV maker. Its RL deluxe pure electric RV can drive 300km after a charge of 20 minutes. This is unique in the world.

We have bought five companies in California, the United States. When they face the financial crisis, we inject capital and give them our clean battery and battery technology. As such, they survive. When a company comes to an edge of closing, we inject the RE lithium battery type pure electric cars. This lets it obtain a great reputation in the United States and the Europe. In less than one year, the five companies gain a development again.

So, I merger and acquire these companies for the purposes to gain profits for my own and our Winston Group, and also to help a number of clean energy relevant companies, especially those making the electric car and electric boat. We provide them with the powertrain, power battery, storage battery and so forth. Now, they recover.

In the U.S. manufacturing industry, in addition to cutting-edge technologies, especially clean energy technologies, you should fully boldly let the original company's management team to play their role. I believe it is very important. We Chinese people often have a family-owned business which is not desirable. So Americans have better experience in managing corporate than Chinese.

I come here for receiving the South-South awards. The CEO of all my company follows me. We sit in our plane to hold meetings. Each CEO reports to me. Each month, I come to California, and each CEO team reports to me. The financial statement of each day may be sent to HK, whereas I can review it. These companies do a good job.

I believe that in the United States and in less than three years, I could create 100,000 jobs.

We are unique in the United States

Media Reporter: I am a Congress Web correspondent. Your technology is American or Chinese?

Winston Chung: That is a good question! Why can I buy a number of high tech companies in the United States? I have more advanced technology in the rare lithium battery. RE lithium battery for the United States, for all mankind, is very much needed and is a long-term clean energy product.

We in California build a megawatt-type storage power station, which is about to start operation. The storage power station is charged with solar energy at the University of California or charged with the valley power. During the day it will provide power for people. This is a model!

There is a big shipyard to me. It plans to make 35 meters luxury yachts which are all battery-powered. After a charge of three hours, they can sail 3,000 sea miles. The plan is in execution.

In the U.S., there are a lot of cutting-edge products, to which China cannot be comparable. But I believe they accept the RE lithium batteries as a good tech. In the world, Winston Group and I own it. In the regard, we are at the leading position. Because of this rare lithium battery, so we in the United States unique.

So, if you have a high tech, Americans will welcome it. Americans are practical, and have their harmonious way. If your high tech is good, then it will earn much for you. Like me, you can earn money after an investment. Why? I have a high tech which accepted by the Americans. This is important!

RE lithium battery has a bright future

Media Reporter: You said rare earth lithium battery technology is unique in the world. Is there no competition in the industry? Also, the Chinese raise clean energy to an unprecedented height. What projects you have taken part in?

Winston Chung: our RE lithium batteries have been listed as the major project in Shenzhen and China, which will receive great support. We plan to build a RE lithium battery production line with 100 billion Yuan of annual output value. Our country and local governments have considered it as a major project, presented the certificate to us.

At present, the electrochemical experts around the world do not know how to add RE to the lithium battery materials. I set up in University of California "Winston Global Energy Center". This center has two Nobel Prize-winning electrochemical experts and other six to seven professors from University of California, Department of Electrochemistry. They are now with my battery in the study of rare earth. In my leadership, we step forward this direction. We have two RE lithium batteries: one is the rare-earth yttrium lithium battery with the energy density of 150 ~ 190WH/KG (this battery is used mainly for storage). The other is a lithium-sulfur battery with the energy density of 1200WH/KG. In the University of California, Nobel awards winners on the basis of my study found that per kg can increase to 1000WH, which would be tantamount to 2200WH/KG. What does this mean? I make an example. A 50-seat luxury bus with the battery of 150WH/KG can drive 400km after a charge. If it is with 1000WH/KG, then it can drive 2000KM.

Therefore, in the future, for clean energy electric vehicles, we shall let the RE lithium batteries replace lead acid batteries. RE lithium batteries have a bright future! We will first promote the new batteries in the luxury cars, sedans and taxis in the United States, and then in the Europe, and finally in China.

We come to the United States and must first fully trust them

Media Reporter: After the acquisition of U.S. companies, do you find any differences in the management ideas? How you feel?

Winston Chung: I tell a story! I acquired a number of companies, but I was never accompanied by a lawyer or a contract. In buying a business, I spent five minutes to consider the purchase, 5 minutes to consider the management team, and 10 minutes to complete the deal. I think the standard is very simple. The honest attitude is very important. Honest men can be seen by observing their eye performance. This is very important.

In the parental education as a child, I was told that we should always do good things for others. But I cannot do this in more than 20 years of practice; so I step back, I tell me to never do anything harmful to others. This leads me to "enlightenment"!

When I bought a factory worthy of 70 million USD, the factory team and I negotiated. My friend told me that I should find a lawful help and make a formal investigation. I asked him how long? He said at least four months. I said forty minutes were not needed, since I had decided to buy. Friends worried for me, and they were suspicious on the counterparts. But I was with an honest heart in the consideration.

Why do I buy the MVP RV Inc? It is the largest U.S. RV maker. The boss is also great. He lets RV luxury cars be famous in the world. Its output value was billions of dollars a year. But it was near to being closed down! I buy the plant and its land. Its management team members come back to me. I venture to let them manage, and their salaries have increased. CEO annual salary is $ 250,000. I also consider providing CEO with aircraft convenience. They earn money for you, while you should trust them and care them.

There is also a factory. Its CEO and CFO had never been to mainland China. The factory in the difficult situation did not how to do. The factory leader was suggested to meet Winston, and had heard that Winston had different practices and a different character. He found a Chinese entrepreneur and then went to Shenzhen. He went to China for the first time. In Shenzhen, I arranged him to be accommodated in a five-star hotel for free of charge. Next, I led him to visit our battery. I was move by me. I saw he was honest. I said to him that I would make an investment in his factory. He felt very happy, and rested assured. The next morning, he came to my office, said: "Yesterday, I heard you would invest in me, I am happy, but I now have a trouble. Can you borrow 500,000 USD to me? Otherwise I cannot do next work. I said:" I immediately borrow 1 million to you! " I told him:" When you return to the United States, then the money will be remitted to your account”. In the afternoon, I remitted the money t him. After he returned to the United States, he told his management team that he would be along with Winston!

Then, I came to America. I found his enterprise only had three people. I said: "No problem. You have your bold management according to the original plan, and you never worry about money!" I at once made the investment to buy one hundred percent of the shares. In this process, I did not make legal documents and did not invite lawyers. If the lawyers take three month to do relevant work, then the enterprise may be closed. How to do it? I said: I gave you money. You could immediately start to start and invite the workers back. They developed the Winston No. 1 pure electric RV using our batteries from Shenzhen. In 25th EV show, this new pure electric RV debuted in China causing a shock in the world. Finally I gave them 5% shares each. Yesterday, when reporting on the plane, they were still thankful.

The Long Beach City is also large for the white men in the United States. We also have a golf course. The original team is not changed. Team members’ salaries are raised. I told the original owner saying: "I will give you 1.3 million USD per year." She felt thrilled!

Money may be important, but people’s trustworthiness is very important. Only the trustworthiness can let us be successful in doing businesses. If there is a cheat, then money is meaningless. We always think that people are very important! We come to the United States and must first fully trust them.

I fully trust them. I cannot speak English and cannot write ABCD. In talks with them, I will see their eyes. Through eyes, I have learned how to communicate with the others. A person must have a sense of responsibility and dare to bear the responsibility.

The South-South awards from the United Nations are a kind of humanitarian achievement awards. The selection in the regard is very strict. The CEOs in our team recommend me to be selected. They say that Winston Chung is quite trustworthy. Their lawyers also feel more confused: how is it? Do you not want to have contracts?

The key is to calm our mind

Media Reporter: Do you in the acquisition process make mistakes too?

Winston Chung: No. Each deal is successful. Great!

Media Reporter: I think we all want to know your secret. Can you make the decision in short time through your eyes?

Winston Chung: The most crucial is to calm our mind. When we are calm in mind, we can enlighten. As such, we can open our soul eyes and do not make mistakes. When the soul eyes open, we can correctly determine whether the other people are trustworthy. If the mind is disturbed, and if harm is made to the other, then you will often make a mistake.

China and the United States have drawbacks. The disadvantage for some of the Chinese people is to be not faithful and trustworthy. In China, there are a lot of false and poor foods, and waste oil is recovered to the dining desk with great harmfulness. The disadvantage of some of Americans is to have family disharmony. A family disharmony may lead to a country disharmony. A national discord will lead to a trouble on this earth. I hope Americans can learn a little Chinese Confucianism. Children should honor their parents, because they are your parents. You should honor parents and regard them as the Buddha. Parents should care and educate children. When the whole family is harmonious, then the whole country will be so. The American economy rises sooner or later. American parents let their children be fully independent when reaching 1-18 years old. Chinese parents always spoil children. Chinese people pay attention to being compassionate and kind. In this, Chinese are better than Americans. The United States emphasizes on a legal system. Americans think that the children can go out of the family independently when reaching an age of 18 years. This is a shortcoming. I do not know whether my speech is right?

Clean energy has a large contribution to mankind

Media Reporter: What contribution is you invention to the global culture?

Winston Chung: The contribution is large. If we can build in each country a RE lithium battery factory with an output value of a trillion USD, then the fuel-caused air pollution will be changed.

Now the world only has me a person and my factory to produce them, so their supply is in shortage. In Shenzhen, customers are now queuing up to buy my batteries. The orders have reached 2015. Some of them make payments in advance. You know, our products are exported to 117 countries around the world. I am now in California to need batteries for the EV factory here, but the supply cannot yet be made. I plan to build a factory respectively in California and Texas. Now, I have a battery factory on China, in Russia there is an investment of more than 100 billion rubles to build a battery plant which can be put into operation this year, but still this is not enough.

The RE lithium battery is able to replace oil! I have made a pure electric vehicle. After its RE lithium battery is charged for 20 minutes, the new vehicle can drive 1000 kilometers! Can you find a fuel vehicle which drives 1000 km? Therefore, this battery can replace the oil!

If I build a RE lithium battery factory in every country around the world and every country develops a pure electric vehicle using this kind of battery, then you can image that there will be 800 million vehicles running in the world per day. If every country has pure electric vehicles using the RE lithium batteries, then the earth will return to the environment 100 years ago, Then time, blue sky, white clouds, beach, cool breeze and so forth will be more with us; natural disasters will also be reduced. People living in such an environment would feel more comfortable and have a longer life.

Therefore, the contribution of clean energy for mankind is very, very large!

Rare earths like the oils

Media Reporter: Are rare earths the main raw materials in the lithium batteries? Rare Earths now are rare resources and their prices are rising. How do you think about this problem?

Winston Chung: God has a little unfair. Rare earth resources are mainly distributed in China which is followed by the United States. My battery just takes the rare earth as an additive. So, the quantity of it in my product is very low. It just uses a number of rare earths. The resources for the RE lithium batteries can be used for a 10,000 years; so there is no problem in the regard.

Of course, the soaring price of rare earths and some of rare earth stocks are temporary. Now how to make the RE lithium batteries is still my secret. The science circle does not know it yet, including the experts in the electrochemical fields. They do not know what proportions and how to add the RE. If you make such batteries, now you may want me to license.

Now, the rare earths are not yet mined in a large quantity. If we all use the resources to make batteries, then the prices will soar more sharply. In the regard, the patents and the knowledge properties are important.

Of course there is a problem. There is a slow development of lithium rare earth batteries, because just I make such products. I think the Americans easily accept a new thing, so the development may be faster there.

Americans are willing to do an experiment! If RE battery is in your electric car and can drive 1000km after a full charge of 20 minutes, then your product will be OK. The world’s wealth will wait for you.

The rare earth likes the oil. So, the key is to try!

I am not qualified to be their teacher

Media Reporter: You are the honorary academician in the University of California. How is this going on?

Winston Chung: The College of Engineering Academy of the University of California grants me the first Honorary Fellow of Engineering. In the college, there are a number of experts and Nobel Prize winners also do a further study in the regard. I invent the RE lithium batteries, and they think I can be a teacher. I think I am not qualified to be such teacher. On the other hand, they are older than me and willing to communicate with me. I feel I am not enough academic, so I should make continuous efforts.

I advise the young man should stick to the two principles. The first, we should not do harm to the others. This principle is applicable everywhere. It is difficult to always be beneficent for the others, but you can never do harm to the others. Your mind can control it. The second, we should be trustworthy. Being trustworthy will generate a lot of wisdoms. If you can stick to the two principles, then you will be the strong or you (even if being the weak) will not be weak. I have said the strong always cannot help the weak, except that the situation where the weak is willing to accept it.

This is important - willingly! Many people point out your shortcomings, but you do not want to accept, and you are not willing to. Be willing to do anything, be willing to marry a man, and being willing to marry a woman. This is very critical. If young men can stick to the two principles, then your will have more wisdoms and can be easier to achieve a success. Thank you!

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