Winston Shined in Fifth Guangzhou International Mould Exhibition

Fifth Guangzhou International Mould Exhibition was held in September 21 to 23, 2011 in China’s Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo attracting more than 330 exhibitors from 14 countries and regions. One hundred Chinese and foreign automobile mould manufacturers were among them. At the same time, a number of forums were held.

Messe Frankfurt as an organizer invited Smart Lion Battery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. to show its Class A pure electric deluxe limousine and mobile emergency storage vehicle in the booth of near 100 square meters in Hall 2. The booth was also installed by the organizer. The purpose is to allow the industry to understand the demands for the automotive moulds and supporting equipments.

During the exhibition, Winston's two new energy vehicles had no doubt become the most dazzling "star” at scene. 90% of the staff of exhibitors and spectators boarded the Winston electric RV for visiting and taking pictures, and they enquired about relevant information on RE lithium battery. Spectators include the governmental leadership of Guangzhou, well-known car companies, and those from Japan, Europe and the Middle East.

Winston A-level luxury electric RV↓

Company staff shows the RV and battery to organizers and experts↓

Foreign friends learned more about the battery in Winston↓

Leaders in Guangzhou Economic and Trade Commission visited the RV and listened to Winston's briefing↓

The German audience acted as a narrator↓

The audience asked for information of Winston↓

Winston emergency energy storage vehicle also became a star↓

Miss Manner gave a show near the vehicle↓

So many people had to queue↓

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