We should use the RE lithium battery to save humanity and protect the earth------stated by Winston Chung at the Dinner Party of the United Nations Charity Awards

Excellencies, Madam President, fellow honorees, distinguished guests and friends: I am very humbled and honored to have been selected as the inaugural recipient of the Social Entrepreneur & Philanthropist of the Year Award by the United Nations’ Association of New York.

It is most gratifying to be recognized for my efforts to improve the human condition through socially responsible business and technology, by such a respected group.

My contribution is very small compared to enormous challenges facing the world today.However, I hope, that by my example, and the example of many others also working for a cleaner environment and more efficient energy, leaders and entrepreneurs of the world will be inspired to focus on fundamentally changing the way we create, deliver, store and use energy.

According to official figures, In the United States, in just one state, Texas, power consumption in 2009 was 8.1 trillion Kw ,and annual power wasted, due to differential on-peak and off-peak usage, was around 0.78 trillion Kw ,equal to $170 billion dollars.With the 170 billion dollars of wasted power in the state of Texas alone, the US government could distribute roughly $19,000 in annual benefits to every unemployed person in the country.

Ever increasing worldwide energy demand and the imperative for environmentally sustainable solutions are impossible to achieve if people do not embrace radical change and use energy less wastefully. New paradigms are urgently needed.I have devoted my life and resources to this cause. I have done so with the belief that combining traditional values and modern scientific technology best provides the framework for meeting the global challenge of energy wastage.

My training in traditional Chinese medicine has also influenced my approach to my life’s work. Harmony is the essential principle-whether one is considering the internal workings of a rechargeable battery or the way in which energy is produced, transferred or used.By using rechargeable batteries, one is able to convert wasted energy into useable energy for many years……

Anther great waste of power is the internal combustion engine.

The invention of the automobile enabled giant leaps in social progress. However, more than 800 million cars running each day emit about 450 tons of carbon dioxide and other harmful substances into the air we breathe.China and the United States consume 150 million barrels of oil a day.

To save mankind and protect the earth, we must choose clean and environmentally friendly transportation. Electric vehicles are the future.Otherwise, we condemn the world to ever higher energy costs and rampant pollution from which we can never recover.

I was fortunate to discover the superior performance of rechargeable batteries using scientific and bio-inspired principles. I successfully developed environmentally friendly, recyclable lithium-sulfur batteries which have an optimal energy density for mobile energy storage and usage.These batteries are very suitable for fast charging and also allow a tour bus to run for up to one thousand miles per charge!I have further encouraged others to expand development and use of this technology.

I recently created the Winston Chung Global Energy Center within the University of California at Riverside. This initiative, of which I am very proud, promotes research and development of clean tech energy solutions.I have also sponsored other research projects at major research universities and invested heavily in businesses directly involved in the clean transportation sector.

I believe we need to support the best minds and business models focused on addressing energy challenges and respect for the environment.The seventh United Nations’ Millennium Development Goal has drawn the world’s attention to the critical need to achieve sustainability.With its leadership, the United Nations will motivate many individuals, companies and nations to devote talent and resources to attaining this critical goal.The honor I have received tonight is a welcome recognition of the small efforts I have made.My namesake, Winston Churchill, paraphrasing a Chinese proverb, once said “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give.” I will use this recognition and my resources to encourage others to devote their time, energy and resources to meeting what I consider the greatest challenge facing us today.

Thank you to the United Nations Association of New York for this inaugural award and also, in his absence, my thanks to his Excellency the Secretary-General, and to all of you, honored guests, for your attention.

Written by Administrator.