Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao Report:Hong Kong Entrepreneur Won Awards by United Nations Association

[Our reporter Huang Xiaomin reports in New York on October 13] – The Year 2011 Charity Dinner sponsored by the United Nations Association of New York was held in the evening, 13th day. Hong Kong Entrepreneur Winston Chung from the energy industry became the inaugural recipient of Social Entrepreneur & Philanthropist of the Year Award from UN Association of New York.

This year's award-winning three winners are: Johnson & Johnson’s Vice Chairman Sheri McCoy, and Every Mother Counts founder Christy Turlington Burns, and Winston Energy Group founder Winston Chung. Of which, the social entrepreneurs and philanthropists award was first awarded and this award was presented by UN Under-Secretary General Akasaka.

Winston Chung said he was pleased to receive this honor and his dream was to launch clean energy products meet market demands, especially the rare earth lithium batteries. He said that he had acquired six companies in California creating more than 3,000 new jobs. The lithium batteries as new products are expected next year to come to a mass production.

Winston Chung said his team had studied the rare earth lithium battery for more than two decades. There are two categories: First is rare earth lithium-sulfur battery with its energy density already up to 1000WH per kg, which means a car can drive 1000km after 5 minutes of charge. Second is rare earth yttrium lithium storage battery with a monomer cell already up to 700 to 10,000Ah. Both products are at the front worldwide. He also donated 10 million USD to University of California, Riverside to support the new energy research, which is the university's largest single donation ever received.

Winston Chung said, "Winston Energy Group's production bases are respectively in Shenzhen, China and California, the United States. In the United States, while building a large battery plant, we provide pure electric vehicles, including electric taxis, electric buses, electric luxury cars and electric boats. The direction of our company is to build plants in the United States with our technology and patent providing products in the United States. Similarly, our battery factory in China has a history of thirteen years, and our products are in short supply. Now 170 countries regularly buy our rare earth lithium batteries."

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