Hong Kong Commercial Daily report: Winston Chung Won Two Awards from the United Nations

[Hong Kong Commercial Daily News]: According to Correspondent Li Shaohua, on the occasion of commemorating the 66th anniversary of the United Nations, Hong Kong entrepreneur Winston Chung won two awards from the United Nations: first is South-South Prize, second is Social Entrepreneur & Philanthropist of the Year Prize.

As an honorary fellow of the University of California, Winston Chung is a founder of Winston Global Energy Holdings Co., Ltd., and serves as the chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. The corporate business is based on RE lithium batteries developed by him to expand renewable energy applications and actively invest in the United States. He is one of members accompanying President Hu Jintao in a visit to the United States early this year. He has always been concerned about the education and research, and has donated 10 million USD to University of California so as to promote clean energy technology development.

The social entrepreneur and philanthropist of the Year Award was issued United Nations Association of New York is for recognition of achievements by the entrepreneurs in innovation and contribution to the society. This year's award-winning three winners are Johnson & Johnson’s Vice Chairman Sheri McCoy, and Every Mother Counts founder Christy Turlington Burns, and Winston Energy Group founder Winston Chung. The prize is based on the recognition to Winston Chung who develops the sustainable energy solutions. The rare earth lithium batteries developed by him have been used in more than 170 countries in electric vehicles and ships so forth. Currently, he is more active in development of the next generation of new products.

He said he was pleased to receive this honor and his dream was to launch clean energy products in order to replace the oil, and to contribute to the sustainable development and environmental protection in the Earth. He pointed out that as an entrepreneur, it is also important to pay back to the society, so he has been committed to promoting education charity, e.g. funding university research, and improving the image of local Chinese through investment in the United States.

The Social Entrepreneurs and Philanthropist of the Year Awards were recently presented by the UN Deputy Secretary-General Akasaka on the occasion of commemorating the 66th anniversary of the United Nations.

According to reports, the United Nations has long been committed to promoting South-South program designed to advocate that poverty-stricken areas have and developing countries have the mutual support. 2011 South-South Awards winners this year are from Africa, South America and Asia, including three Chinese winners, i.e. Winston Chung Fellow, Wu Lisheng Chairman in a Macau group, and Hu Yong CEO in a China Mainland’s media culture organization. Among VIP attending the awards-presenting ceremony, more than 20 leaders and representatives were from the developing countries.

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