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In the past 100 years, we were unable to remove the disaster caused by the industrial civilization to the Earth. In the 21st century, it’s time to our human beings to advocate energy conservation and reduced energy consumption in order to build the ecological civilization and protect the planet.

This product is an energy storage cabinet consisting of high-power rare-earth lithium yttrium battery packs which are designed to different specifications. The rare-earth lithium yttrium battery has a small self-discharge, so it is not like the traditional lead-acid battery or nickel cadmium / nickel metal hydride battery which needs a long time to keep a floating charge state. The rare-earth lithium yttrium battery packs which consisted in the cabinet just needs a one-time full charge by valley electricity, wind or solar energy, and then can be as a backup one for 0.5 to 1 year during which there is no need for a floating charge. So, it is very convenient.

Winston owns the proprietary smart energy-storage power station. It provides many solutions for the large-scale, heavy load, and rapid charging projects and it is an ideal business model for the operation of pure electric cars. Moreover, the station can solve the problem of the world in the energy storage power system. Smart energy storage station is very important to shift peak-valley loads in the power system, balance the power needs, and ensure the power grid’s safe operation.

The energy storage cabinet can be made into series of mobile or steady type energy storage emergency vehicles, e.g. 100KW, 1000KW, and 5000KW, which bring more convenience in the power supply for national defense and military, civilian disaster relief and rescue, or large public venues. Usually, they are fully charged in the valley electric time and can be sent to the destination at any time.

RE yttrium iron lithium battery is highly safe and reliable. The Yttrium oxide itself can resist a high temperature. And the battery is suitable for fast charging with a long cycle life, and its charge and discharge are quite consistent. So a storage cabinet or power station has a use life of more than 25 years.

一、Working Principle

Like a fixed MV-level energy-storage power station, the energy-storage emergency vehicle (cabinet) directly lets batteries produce single-phase and three-phase alternating currents through high power RE yttrium iron lithium battery packs and inverters. Usually, you just need to choose the charge time in charging battery packs. After being fully charged, The battery packs can be regulated and used at any time without any floating charge within one year.

1.1 Charging

Like a fixed MV-level energy-storage power station, the energy-storage emergency vehicle (cabinet) has two charging sockets (slow and fast). In the slow charge mode, battery packs are directly charged through the smart type 600V/100A charger in the vehicle; the input line of the charger is manually taken out and then directly connected to the output port of AC/380V three-phase power; the output is 100A, and the charging time needs 15h (in case that the battery pack is completely discharged). In the slow charge mode, there is a smart management system; when the voltage of single cell of the battery pack reaches a set value, then the charger will automatically terminate the charging to the battery pack. In the fast charge mode, the operation is quite easy, and the one-time charging can be completed through the external connection to the high-power charging station. Whereas our company’s charging station is equipped, you can do a charging at any time. In general, the current of fast charging is more than 1000A and less than 2000A. Our energy storage cabinet with 600KWh power needs 1.5h to be charged at 1000A, when the battery pack is completely discharged.

1.2 Discharge

Like a fixed MV-level energy-storage power station, the energy-storage emergency vehicle (cabinet) has a special output interface. It can be a high-power 3-phase output interface or a conventional 1-phase output jack according to customer requirements.


In daily work, you just need a check on a variety of single cell indicators, which are displayed in the battery management system screen (colorful type) without manual maintenance. The battery management system can display capacity and voltage, single-cell temperature, minimum or maximum voltage.

三、Principle Diagram


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