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Winston Energy has strong technology development strength with heavy investments over the years in continuous product research and development.

The rare earth lithium battery developed by Mr. Winston Chung has lots of advantages, e.g. high energy density, high voltage, light weight, high performance, long life, etc., and is a leading product in the world. Due to this, Mr. Winston Chung is known as the king of the battery.

The pure EV using it can drive 300, 600, and 2000km after being charged for 5, 10, and 20 minutes, respectively. The positive active material can be repeatedly charged and discharged for many times. The use life of the battery can be one million km or more.

Winston Energy has a mass production 18 series of rare-earth yttrium lithium batteries from 40Ah to 10000Ah. The energy density is 150 watts per kilogram with 5800 times of repeated charges and discharges. It can ensure the electric taxis be up to a use life of 1.1m km, so has been ranked first in the world.


For the mobile lithium-sulfur battery under the development, the mass energy density in the lab has reached 1200 watts-hours per kilogram and theoretically can be 2600 watt-hours per kilogram or more. Now, University of California is conducting a post-study. It is expected to start a mass production in the next year.

For the rare earth lithium battery, a lot of tests are required in U.S. State Key Laboratory. University of California, University of Texas and other research institutions, and they all believe that this is a great invention of the 21st century, which can bring the benefit to the mankind.

Winston owns the proprietary smart energy-storage power stations can provide many solutions for the large-scale, heavy load, and rapid charging projects so for the creative business model of pure electric cars. Moreover, these stations can solve the problem of the world in the energy storage power system. Smart energy storage station can shift peak load onto the power system balance the power required flexibeling and ensure the power grid to operate safety.

At present, the life source rare earth lithium battery has obtained 12 invention patents in the domestic, and a number of invention patents through 26 countries. So, it has completely intellectual property rights.


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